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      Wilson Zhu

      Chief Operating Officer

      Wilson Zhu is Chief Operating Officer. He joined Li & Fung in October 2018 to drive operational excellence in the Company’s global sourcing & production platform.

      Wilson is an expert on international trade and supply chain with a focus on retail and consumer products. In 2016, Wilson put his years of corporate leadership to work and cofounded Cooper Aerobics Wellness Center in China, the first fitness and wellness center of its kind in China. Prior to that, Wilson served as Chairman and CEO of inQbrands, turning the U.S. subsidiary of China-based Focus Technology into a full-service brand and product agency.

      Wilson has also held other senior roles including Chief Sourcing and Production Officer at Gymboree, EVP for Private Brand and Global Sourcing at Michaels Stores Inc, VP of Private Brand and Global Sourcing at Office Depot, and VP for Global Sourcing at Hudson’s Bay Company.

      In 2009, Wilson was appointed as Advisor to China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange and to the Trade Development Bureau of China’s Ministry of Commerce in 2013. He also served on the Board of Daymon Worldwide, the world’s largest retailer service provider, from 2013 to 2016.

      Born in China, Wilson went to the US to study in 1984 and received his Master of Arts degree in Language and International Trade from Eastern Michigan University in 1987.


      September 11, 2019
      To be the Disruptor or the Disrupted
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